Criminal Investigations

Inv. David Miller.jpg

Lieutenant David Miller

Contact: 540-980-7812

Inv. David Cressell.jpg

Sergeant  David Cressell

Contact: 540-994-2428

Sgt. Jason Phillips.jpg

  Investigator Scott Phillips

Contact: 540-980-7808

Dep. R. Farris.JPG

  Investigator Rose Farris

Contact: 540-980-7820

Dep. Todd Hayes.jpg

  Investigator Todd Hayes

Contact: 540-980-7808

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office serves to investigate all crimes against persons, property, and society. CID currently has five investigators and a secretary who handles the daily operations of the division.


Investigators within this division handle all aspects of criminal investigations including evidence collection, forensic analysis, interviews, and courtroom testimony.