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Traffic Safety

The Sheriff's Office proactively enforces traffic laws that save lives. We are committed to lowering the number of crashes that result in injuries and loss of life. 


We actively enforce seatbelt laws & we can spot you not wearing a seatbelt, so if you think you hide it, you cant. Buckle Up, For You, For Friends, For Family. 


We are on extra patrol multiple days of the week looking for Distracted Drivers.

Our enforcement efforts are focused on high traffic areas in the county where young drivers are likely to be driving distracted. 

Put down the phone, it can wait.  


We are out on nights, weekends and holidays to make sure drivers on the roadways are sober. In 2018 there were 10,511 deaths from Drunk driving Crashes.  Don't risk lives for your convenience.   


24 hours a day 7 days a week we are looking for drivers who are speeding. In 2017 Speeding killed 9,700 people. We will make sure that Pulaski County does not contribute to that statistic. Five minutes saved, isn't worth the rest of your life.   

Report Traffic Violations

If you would like to report any of the offenses above please click on the link and send us the complaint. We will do our best to make sure we actively enforce the areas where the violations are occurring. 

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