School Resource & Dare

Sergeant Josh Bowden
Deputy Jake Price
Deputy Alan Anderson
Deputy Cody Slaughter
Deputy James Thompson
Deputy Brian Owens
Deputy Charles Ratcliff

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office takes a proactive approach to providing a safe and secure learning environment for the youth of our communities.


Deputy Alan Anderson is the              officer for the Sheriff's Office. He provides drug prevention education throughout the various elementary schools within the County. His program follows the               program guidelines and allows great interaction between students and the Sheriff's Office.


Through the School Resource Officer program, Deputies are assigned to the Pulaski County High School and both Pulaski and Dublin Middle Schools to provide a secure, safe learning enviroment for students attending the school.


The Deputies are assigned to the schools both during school hours and at numerous school sponsored events. Working closely with the students, the deputies have built a one-on-one relationship with many of the students and provide counseling and support with their issues.